Prof. Purrello Roberto
email: rpurrello@unict.it
Telefono: 5095
Ubicazione: Corpo A - piano terra

Short Curriculum vitae

Roberto Purrello (b. April 12 1956) is Full Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Sciences of Catania University. He received his Laurea Degree in 1979 (summa cum laude) and in 1983 he started his academic career in Catania as Assistant Professor. In 1988 he received a travel grant from CNR and joined Tom Spiro’s group at the Department of Chemistry of Princeton University to work on UV-Resonance Raman of nucleic acids and proteins. From 1989 to 1990 he was appointed as Research Assistant in Princeton and in 1991 he was appointed as Associate Professor in Catania. From 1992 to 2000 he visited the Department of Chemistry of the Swarthmore College (PA, USA) for various short periods (one-two months) collaborating with Prof. R. F. Pasternack. In 1999 he was appointed as Visiting Fellow at the Department of Chemistry in Davis (CA, USA) in the laboratory of Prof. K. M. Smith. In 2000 he became Full Professor at the Department of Chemical Sciences in Catania. Since 2003 he has been collaborating with Prof. N. Berova and professor K. Nakanishi at the Department of Chemistry of Columbia University (NY, USA). He is member of the Editorial Board of “Chirality” from July 2010 and member of the International Scientific Committee of the “International Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopy”.

Academic activities

2012-  Member of the Chemistry Panel, National Agency for Research Evaluation (ANVUR)
2011-  President of the Division “Chemistry of Biological Systems” of the Italian Chemical Society
2010-  Member of the Editorial Board of “Chirality” edited by Wiley
2010-   Member of the International Scientific Committee of the “International Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopy
Referee to various international Journals (ACS Journals, Angewandte Chemie, Chemical Communication, Chemistry, etc.)

Selected Publications 2007-13

Alessandro D’Urso, Sara Nardis, Giuseppe Pomarico, Maria Elena Fragala, Roberto Paolesse, and Roberto Purrello, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013, 10.1021/ja4023539
Alessandro D’Urso, Maria Elena Fragalà and Roberto Purrello, Chemical Communication, 2013, 49, 4441-4443
Alessandro D’urso, Maria Elena Fragalà, Purrello R (2012). From Self-Assembly to Noncovalent Synthesis of Programmable Porphyrins’ Arrays In Aqueous Solution, Chemical Communications, 48, 8165-76
Anna Maria Santoro, Maria Cristina Lo Giudice, Alessandro D’urso, Rosaria Lauceri, Purrello R, Danilo Milardi (2012). Cationic Porphyrins Are Reversible Proteasome Inhibitors. Journal of The American Chemical Society, 134, 10451-57
D’urso A, Nicotra PF, Centonze G, Fragala ME, Gattuso G, Notti A, Pappalardo A, Pappalardo S, Parisi Mf, Purrello R (2012). Induction of Chirality in Porphyrin-(Bis)Calixarene Assemblies: A Mixed Covalent-Non-Covalent vs A Fully Non-Covalent Approach, Chemical Communications, Vol. 48, P. 4046-4048
Capici, C., Cohen, Y., D’Urso, A., Gattuso, G., Notti, A., Pappalardo, A., Pappalardo, S., Parisi, M.F., Purrello, R., Slovak, S., Villari, V., Anion-assisted supramolecular polymerization: From achiral AB-type monomers to chiral assemblies, 2011, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 50, 11956-11961.
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D’urso A, Cristaldi Da, Fragala Me, Gattuso G, Pappalardo A, Villari V, Micali N., Pappalardo S, Parisi M., Purrello R (2010). Sequence, Stoichiometry, And Dimensionality Control In Porphyrin/Bis-Calix[4]Arene Self-Assemblies In Aqueous Solution. Chemistry-A European Journal, 16,10439-10446
Randazzo, R., Lauceri, R., Mammana, A., D’Urso, A., Purrello, R., Interactions of Λ and Δ enantiomers of Ruthenium(II) cationic complexes with achiral anionic porphyrins, 2009, Chirality, 21, 92-96.
D’Urso, A., Mammana, A., Balaz, M., Holmes, A.E., Berova, N., Lauceri, R., Purrello, R. Interactions of a tetraanionic porphyrin with DNA: From a Z-DNA sensor to a versatile supramolecular device, 2009, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131, 2046-2047.
Randazzo, R., Mammana, A., D’Urso, A., Lauceri, R., Purrello, R. Reversible “chiral memory” in ruthenium tris(phenanthroline)- anionic porphyrin complexes, 2008, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 47, 9879-9882.
Lauceri, R., Fasciglione, G.F., D’Urso, A., Marini, S., Purrello, R., Coletta, M. Kinetic investigation of porphyrin interaction with chiral templates reveals unexpected features of the induction and self-propagation mechanism of chiral memory, 2008, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130, 10476-10477.
Lauceri R. , D’Urso, A., Mammana, A., Purrello, R. Chiral memory: Induction, amplification, and switching in porphyrin assemblies, 2008, Chirality, 20, 411-419.
Mammana, A., D’Urso, A., Lauceri, R., Purrello, R. Switching off and on the supramolecular chiral memory in porphyrin assemblies, 2007, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129, 8062-8063.
Matassa, Roberto; Carbone, Marilena; Lauceri, Rosaria; Purrello, Roberto; Caminiti, Ruggero. Supramolecular structure of extrinsically chiral porphyrin hetero-assemblies and achiral analogues. Advanced Materials, 2007, 19, 3961-3967

Invited Presentations 2010-2012

2010    ICPP-6, New Mexico, USA
2010    International Symposium on Chirality (Sapporo, Japan)
2011    9th Symposium on Chemical Approaches on Chirality (Tokyo, Japan)
2011    Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa), celebration of International Year of Chemistry
2012    Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) “Frontiers of Chemistry”
2012    ICPP-7 (Jeju Island, South Korea)
2012    Accademia dei Lincei (Roma)

Organisation of International conferences

2012   Co-organizer (together with Prof. Nina Berova, Columbia University, NY, USA), at ICPP-7 of a Symposium titled “Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines in Chiral Molecular and Supramolecular Systems”
2010   Co-organizer (together with Prof. Nina Berova, Columbia University, NY, USA), at ICPP-6 of a Symposium titled “Interactions of porphyrins with nucleic acids”
2010 –   Member of the International Scientific Committee of the “International Conferences on Chiroptical Spectroscopy”