International Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences

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The International Ph.D. School in Chemical Sciences is based at DSC, in partnership with the University of Gothenborg (Sweden).


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A Brief hystory of the Doctoral course on Chemical Sciences. The Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences of the University of Catania began its activities in 1983, at the 'Departmental Institute of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry' (starting from October 1984, named 'Department of Chemical Sciences'). From the very beginning the doctoral program has been internationally oriented, with the majority of doctoral students spending a period of research at universities or research centers abroad. The international character of the program was formally recognized in 2008 with the modification of the name in "International PhD in Chemical Sciences", with the signing of bilateral agreements with the Universities of Lille (USTL, Lille 1) (France), with the 'Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL) (France) and with the University of Gothenburg (Sweden).

Past Coordinators:  Prof. Mario Piattelli (cycles I-III), Prof. Enrico Rizzarelli (cycles IV-VI), Prof. Salvatore Fisichella (cycles VII-IX), Prof. Giuseppe Musumarra (cycles X-XII), Prof. Giuseppe Arena (cycles XIII-XV), Prof. Gaetano Tomaselli (cycles XVI-XVIII), Prof. Giovanni Marletta (cycles XIX-XXI), Prof. Corrado Tringali (cycles XXII-XXIV), Prof. Giuseppe Musumarra (cycles XXV-XXVI), Prof. Roberto Purrello (cycles XXVIII), Prof. Salvatore Sortino (cycles XXIX-XXXII).