Laboratory of Natural Product Chemistry (LabCoNaBi)

Building 1 - Section A - 1st Floor (Lab10)

  • Corrado Tringali (Full professor)
  • Vera Muccilli (Assistant professor)
  • Nunzio Cardullo (research grant holder)
  • Luana Pulvirenti (PhD)

The research group coordinated by Prof. C. Tringali has been working on natural procut chemistry for many years; more recently, the activity was focused on polyphenols and phenolic nutraceuticals, following two distinct research topics: a) extraction, purification and spectroscopic characterization (including HPLC-UV, HPLC-ESI / MS-MS, NMR and 2D NMR methods) of natural polyphenols from natural matrices; b) biomimetic and enzyme-mediated synthesis (lipase, laccase and peroxidase) of bioactive polyphenols and their analogues; study of structure-activity relationships and optimization of biological properties.

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