Professor of [CHIM/03]
Office: stanza do fronte struttura 3
Email: enrico.ciliberto@unict.it enrico.ciliberto@gmail.com
Phone: +39 095 738 5054
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 13:00

Enrico Ciliberto was born in Turin on 17 September 1951. In 1975 he graduated cum laude in Chemistry at University of Catania. In 1990 he was visiting professor at the Interface Analysis Centre, Bristol University.
From 2001 is Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University of Catania.
From 2009 is President of Technology Applied to Cultural Heritage Faculty, University of Catania.
He published more than 100 papers in international journals.
Editor of the books:
- ‘Modern Analytical Methods in Art and Archaeology’, New series in Analytical Chemistry, J.
Wiley, New York 2000.
-‘Inorganic Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Applications, and Perspectives’ CRC Press, New York 2010
Author of the book:
- ‘Cultural Heritage Materials: an XPS Approach.’ Nova Science Publisher, New York, 2011.
His current research interests include:
-Characterisation of work-of-art materials and investigation of their degradation processes.
-Synthesis of Self Assembly monolayer on inorganic and organic substrates.
-Nanotechnologies applied to the conservation of works of art.
-Applications of surface spectroscopic techniques to the study of inorganic and organic materials.

Coordinator of GIT 'Cultural Heritage' under MIUR's aegis.
Scientific Coordinator of Joint Master ‘Conservation of Old photographs’ Helwan University- Catania University, Cairo Egypt.
Research Projects:
MAECI. Great Relevance project Italy-Egypt 2013-2015: The conservation of Photographic prints. General Coordinator
PO FESR 2006-2013 ‘NANOCONCRETE’ Scientific Coordinator
MIUR FIRB 2003 General Coordinator
PRIN 2006 local coordinator
PRIN 2006 local coordinator
-Structural, catalytic and biological behaviour of inorganic complexes i (1985-1989)
- Chemistry for the safeguard of Cultural Heritage. (1990-1995)
-Project 'Materiali Speciali e Tecnologie Avanzate' : Materials with electronic and magnetic properties, unit of
Catania. 1989-1992
- CNR grant( comitato 15) (1990-1993)
-Strategic Project ‘Cultural Heritage(1993-1996)
-Progetto Finalizzato Beni Culturali target 2.1.1 (1997-2002)
Piano Operativo Plurifondo ( POP 91-94) E18 unit
Italian law no 488:
‘The Study and the Safeguard of Baroque in East Sicily’ wp1 a7

Scientific Advisor of:
-Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Italian Cultural Heritage Ministry ): Donatello's Pulpit in Prato Cathedral, Donatello's Project in OrSanMichele Florence.
-Museum Pole of Florence: Michelangelo's David Project. Frescos in Pitti's Palace.
-Eraklion (Crete)Monuments and Fine Arts Office: Minoan Materials.
-Archaeological Italian School in Atene (SAIA): Materials from Phaestos Palace.
-Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Liguria: metallic materials from Chiavari necropolis.
-Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Lombardia: Teodolinda's Chapel Frescos in Monza Cathedral.
-Sicilian Cultural Heritage Office: mosaic flooring restoration in Piazza Armerina Roman 'Villa del Casale'.
-Fabriceria di S.Marco, Venezia: The mosaics of Saint Mark basilica, Venice.
-Paolo Orsi Museum, Syracuse, Eracle marble statue ( Lisippo’s school) restoration

Research Centres founded:
-Centro di Ricerche sulle Cause di Degrado per il Recupero dei Beni Culturali e Monumentali, dell’Università di Catania.
-Centro di Archeologia Cretese dell’Università di Catania

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Currently the research activity is directed towards the characterization of materials of historical-artistic heritage and their degradation