Academic Year 2019/2020 - 2° Year
Teaching Staff: Antonino LICCIARDELLO
Credit Value: 7
Scientific field: CHIM/02 - Physical chemistry
Taught classes: 35 hours
Exercise: 12 hours
Laboratories: 12 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course is aimed to provide advanced knowledge on methodologies for the preparation and characterization of micro- and nano- structured surfaces and materials.

Course Structure

Classes (5 credits); class exercises (1 credit); laboratory expeiments (1 credit)

Detailed Course Content

I - Phase transport and separation processes in materials.
Mass transport and diffusion laws; solution of the diffusion equation for some simple systems. Phase separation processes. Spinodal decomposition, nucleation and growth.

II - Methods for obtaining micro- and nano- structured systems.

Patterning methods. Top-down and bottom-up approaches. Lithographic methods: optical lithography, e-beam and ion-beam lithography. Soft lithography. Non-lithographic patterning methods.

III - Techniques for spatially resolved chemical characterization of thin films and surfaces.

Ion beam-based method. General concepts. RBS, MEIS, LEIS. Secondary ion Mass spectrometry and related techniques. Methods based on interaction with plasmas. General concepts. GD-MS and GD-OES. Electron spectroscopy. Near field blends. Atom probe tomography.

Textbook Information

Students are encouraged to perform autonomous bibliographic search. Guidelines and indications on texts, different for each of the topics coveredin the course, will be provided by the teacher. Furthermore, the electronic copy of the lecture slides and, on some topics, additional material in electronic format, will be made available.