Academic Year 2017/2018 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff: Maria Alessandra RAGUSA
Credit Value: 8
Scientific field: MAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
Taught classes: 42 hours
Exercise: 24 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

Knowledge of the main mathematical techniques to study the function graph.

Detailed Course Content

Basics and some elementary properties of real numbers.
Elements of analytical geometry. Definition of Real Real Variable Function. Monotony of functions. Succession and Numerical Series. Limitations. Continuous functions. Points of discontinuity. Continuous function elementary properties.
Reverse functions. The number is". Related extras of a function. Concavity and convexity. Graph of a function.

Textbook Information

  1. S.MOTTA- M.A. RAGUSA “Metodi e modelli matematici”.,ed. CULC, 2011
  2. S.MOTTA- M.A. RAGUSA- A. SCAPELLATO “Metodi e modelli matematici. Esercizi e Complementi”.,ed. CULC, 2013.
  3. R. Adams, "Calculus: a complete course", 6th edition, Pearson, 2007.