Course Overview

The master's degree course in CHEMICAL SCIENCES (LM54-SC) has a core of common teachings (24 ECTS) in the four basic chemical disciplines, and an articulation in four curricula, of which three resume, renewing it, the educational offer of the three previous master's degree courses:

  • BiomoLEcular Chemistry (Curriculum-CABLE);
  • Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology;
  • Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry (Curriculum-COB);

and a fourth curriculum that addresses the aspects of the Chemical Sciences concerning the sectors of industry, the environment and cultural heritage:

  • Industry, Environment and Cultural Heritage (Curriculum-IABC).

In the framework of the objectives set for the LM-54 class, the course in Chemical Sciences aims to prepare highly professional figures capable of operating in laboratories, structures, entities and companies in the public and private sector, in the various fields related to the chemical sciences.