Academic Year 2020/2021 - 2° Year
Teaching Staff: Luisa D'URSO
Credit Value: 6
Scientific field: CHIM/02 - Physical chemistry
Taught classes: 28 hours
Laboratories: 24 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course aims to deepen the basic chemical-physical knowledge for the understanding and investigation of chemical reactions and transport phenomena, a fundamental step for the design of chemical processes. Therefore, the applicative potentialities of the laws that regulate the transport of matter, energy and momentum will be presented. At the end of the course the student will be able to treat and solve through the direct numerical application of the studied relationships, problems concerning the motion of fluids, the transmission of heat and diffusion in the different chemical processes.

Course Structure

Classroom lecture

Detailed Course Content

Parte I: Unit Operations

  • Separation Processes and Equipment for Multiphase Contacting
  • Diagrammi termodinamici di equilibrio
  • Thermodynamic Equilibrium Diagrams (gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, fluid-liquid) and equilibrium relationship
  • Equilibrium Stage Calculation
  • Equilibrium Multistage Calculation
  • Graphical Multistage Calculation by McCabe-Thiele Method


Parte II: Transport Phenomena

  • Transfer of momentum
  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. The energy balance equations: ideal fluid and dissipative fluid. The mass balance and the continuity equation. The Navier-Stokes equations.
  • Buckingham method of dimensionless constants. Diagram of Moody. Laminar and turbulent regime, instability phenomena
  • Modern fluidodynamics. Numerical methods and empirical methods for the solution of the differential equations of modern fluidodynamics.
  • Heat transfer: conductivity in gases and condensed phases, laws of Fourier., applications.
  • Mass transfer.
  • The law of continuity and Fick laws. Transport processes in liquids. Transport processes in solids. Correlation effects of flows and phenomenological equations of Onsager. Mass transfer and chemical reactions.

Textbook Information

  • L. Forni, I. Rossetti Fenomeni di Trasporto, Cortina Editore, Milano, 2009.
  • C.O. Bennett, J.E. Meyers, Momentum, heat and mass transfer, Mc Graw - Hill, New York 1962.
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