Luisa D'URSO

Associate Professor of Physical chemistry [CHIM/02]

Luisa D’Urso is an associated professor (CHIM/02) of the UniCT Chemical Department with expertise on the study of metal, semiconductor and carbon-based nanomaterials by microscopic and spectroscopic diagnostic investigations.  Her activity is testified by n.80 publications and 1 patent and n.1 patent, with h-index=26.  The topics of her research fall within fundamental aspects of plasmonic materials with emphasis on their employ in plasmonic and SERS sensing, photocatalysis and for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Her research target deals with the 1) production of metallic nanostructures of different shape (sphere, flower, plates) by physical (hot plasma) and chemical route (e.g. seed mediated growth approach);  2) preparation of semiconductor nanostructures and modification of their optical and electronic properties by photo-induced defects and/or their coupling with metals nanoparticles; 3) carbon-based nanomaterials (1D and 2D) and their joining with metal and semiconductor nanoparticles; 4) nanostructured thin films of metals and semiconductors in insulator matrix; 5) structural, compositional and optical characterizations by spectroscopies coupled with imaging techniques, providing a direct correlation between synthesis and chemical-physics properties in produced nanomaterials.

Within her scientific activity, she maintains collaborative relationships with research groups in Italy and abroad. She was a visiting scientist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech, Pasadena, Los Angeles CA). She is referee for: Journal of the American Chemical Society, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Central Journal, Applied Surface Science.

She carries out tutorial activities as supervisor and co-supervisor for the development of experimental degree and doctorates theses and is currently professor of the courses of Physical Chemistry I and Industrial Physical Chemistry at the CdL in Industrial Chemistry. She a faculty member of the Doctorate in Materials Science and Nanotechnology of the University of Catania.

Luisa D’Urso manages the research laboratory of thin films and nanostructures (LFSN) at the Chemical Department (UniCT) and is an expert user of Confocal Raman - AFM SNOM at Nanotech Laboratory of  Bio-Nanotech Research and Innovation Tower (BRIT, UniCT).


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