Dottorato Internazionale Scienze Chimiche - XXXVII ciclo

Teaching board members - Cycle XXXVI (beginning of activities 31 October 2020): CUNSOLO Vincenzo;  D'URSO Alessandro; GIUFFRIDA Alessandro; GRASSO Giuseppe; GULINO Antonino; HANNSSON Orjan (Univ. Gothenborg); JAFFRES Paul-Alain; LA ROSA Carmelo; LICCIARDELLO Antonino; LI DESTRI NICOSIA Giovanni; MACCARRONE Giuseppe; MUCCILLI Vera; PAPPALARDO Andrea; PAPPALARDO Giuseppe (IBB-CNR); PUGLIA Carmelo; PURRELLO Roberto; RESCIFINA Antonio; ROMEO Giuseppe Maria; RONSISVALLE Simone; SALERNO Loredana; SALETTI Rosaria; SATRIANO Cristina; SCIRE’ Salvatore; SGARLATA Carmelo; SORTINO Salvo; SPOTO Giuseppe; TRUSSO SFRAZZETTO Giuseppe; VECCHIO Graziella.


Student's name Title of the research project Tutor


Multifunctional nanoparticles for targeted chemotherapy

Prof. Giuseppe Maccarrone
CARBONARO Antonino Biagio

New methods for the detection of gas phase analytes of clinical and forensic interest

Prof. Alessandro Giuffrida
FLORIO Federica


Nanotecnologies for the control of emissions(Emission control Area, ECA) and the decarbonisation of the Mediterranean basin

Prof. Antonino Gulino
FOTI Alice

Bioinspired and green synthesis of nanoparticles with antiviral and antimicrobial properties for advanced wound care applications

Prof. Cristina Satriano
MACCARRONELLO Anna Exploitation of agricultural and forestry waste: from the recovery of bioactive compounds for nutraceutical applications, to the production of activated carbon for the development of innovative air treatment filters for the inactivation of viruses (including COVID) and bacteria Prof. Vera Muccilli

Development of nanostructured semiconductor devices for simultaneous remediation of pollutants and H2 production

Prof. Antonino Licciardello

Molecular Modeling and synthesis for new opioid analgesics generation

Prof. Simone Ronsisvalle

Polymeric nanoparticles with chelating properties for theranostic applications

Prof. Graziella Vecchio
RAGUSA Chiara Innovation in Antimicrobial Resistance: development of new antimicrobials and coadjutants to successfully treat bacterial infections Prof. Graziella Vecchio

Sensoristic devices for extreme environments

Prof. Giuseppe Trusso Sfrazzetto
TESTA Caterina Supramolecular sensors based on fluorophore-calix[5]arenes for the recognition of bioactive guests Prof. Andrea Pappalardo
ZINGALE Gabriele Study of the turnover of amyloidogenic peptides and endogenous neuropeptides by the Ubiquitin Proteasome System in the presence of natural and synthetic modulators of the pathway Prof. Giuseppe Grasso